food revolution day

Food Revolution Day is an opportunity for everyone to shout about and celebrate food education, a day to inspire people to cook again, and a chance to empower more people to join the fight against obesity.

The day itself highlights very important issues, but the fight for food education needs to go much further if it is to make an impact on the long-term health of the world – and this is where Jamie’s Ministry of Food centres come in.

The centres fight for food education all year round. Seven years ago they were set up with the mission of teaching people how to cook good, affordable, nutritious food to improve their long-term health and wellbeing. Now, years later, they are more important than ever!

The Ministry of Food centres will be joining the campaign on May 15, just as they did last year. On Food Revolution Day 2014, they taught over 600 kids how to cook the special Rainbow salad wraps, alongside holding a number of events for their local communities.

This year they’re going even bigger. Ministry of Food North East will be holding a huge event in Walker, one of the most deprived areas in Newcastle. Joining forces with the chefs from Jamie’s Italian Newcastle, they will be teaching nearly 100 children how to cook this year’s special recipe, the Squash it sandwich, and running a number of other fun activities on the day.

food revolution day

Joanna Lacey, Head of Operations at MOF North East, said: ‘’Here at Jamie’s Ministry of Food North East we see every day how important it is for children to have access to good food education and how it can really impact on their lives, their future, and health and wellbeing. We believe everyone should have the opportunity to develop a good understanding of where food comes from and what to do with it, and this should start in school. Without a good knowledge of healthy eating, cooking and nutrition, we can’t expect people to be confident to make good food choices for themselves and their families. This is why Jamie’s campaign to fight for food education is so important to us.’’

Pupils at Byker Primary School take part in the 'Jamie Oliver's Food Revolution Day' with the help of 'Food Nation' (based in Byker).....pupils with their 'Rainbow Wraps'.........(pic Dave Charlton)

Pupils at Byker Primary School take part in the ‘Jamie Oliver’s Food Revolution Day’ with the help of ‘Food Nation’ (based in Byker)…..pupils with their ‘Rainbow Wraps’………(pic Dave Charlton)

Ministry of Food Leeds, Bradford and Rotherham will also be getting involved, doing what they do best and teaching local people how to make some of the delicious FRD recipes.

Leeds will be teaching the Squash it sandwich to nearly 400 kids at their local Richmond Hill Primary school, as well as teaching a number of the other FRD recipes, including the Ministry of Food favourite, Simple soda bread in Leeds Market.

Ministry of Food Bradford have invited all their local primary schools to sign up to learn how to cook One cup pancakes and Sweet pea and prawn pasta.


All in all, it’s going to be a fantastic day for food education!

To find out more about the Ministry of Food centres, or to sign up to learn how to cook with them all year round, visit!