Story by Peter Berry

Channel 4 has commissioned a brand-new 40-part Jamie Oliver series from the chef’s Fresh One Productions. 20 x 30 min programmes of Jamie’s Thirty Minute Meals will be shown at tea-time daily this autumn, with a further twenty shown next year.

The series aims to show that anyone can get a delicious feast on the table in less time than it takes for a takeaway pizza to arrive.

Each fast-paced programme features Jamie cooking a whole meal from scratch in just thirty minutes, sharing his tricks of the trade to prepare amazing food super-quick.

The meal ideas are exciting, varied and seasonal, combining main course recipes with side dishes, as well as puddings and drinks.

The channel has also confirmed plans to broadcast Oliver’s Emmy-nominated six-part series, Jamie’s American Food Revolution this autumn.

The series, a co-production between Fresh One Productions and Ryan Seacrest Productions, was shown to great acclaim on ABC in the US earlier this year. The series follows Jamie to Huntington, West Virginia – dubbed ‘America’s unhealthiest city’ – where record levels of obesity, heart disease and diabetes are threatening to make this the first generation of children to die younger than their parents.

Inspired by successes with school food and encouraging the Yorkshire town of Rotherham to eat more healthily, Jamie wants to inspire people to change the way America eats at home, in schools and in the workplace.

Despite fierce initial opposition from some local people – including a radio DJ who demands to know “who made you the King?” – slowly people start to listen to what Jamie has to say. His petition to improve school food and cooking skills already has over 600,000 signatures.

Channel 4 commissioning editor for Factual Entertainment, Dominique Walker, says:

“Jamie’s Thirty Minute Meals is a brilliantly simple idea. The series gives Jamie the chance to do what he does best – coming up with clever and inspiring dishes and making them accessible in Jamie's inimitable way. You wouldn't believe that you can cook such ambitious meals in less than half an hour.”

Peter Berry is Jamie's Publicity Manager

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