Chef Ann Cooper is one of our pioneering Food Revolution heroes proving that school food doesn’t have to be processed; it can be freshly cooked and tasty and still within the guidelines and budget. This month she launched her fantastic new website and exciting new initiative the Great American Salad bar Project (GASP). is the place to go if you are a school cook who wants to change the food in your school. The website has great tools and resources to start and maintain that change. There is also a menu and recipes section with more than 120 kid and school tested recipes. These will enable schools to change their food program in a positive and impactful way for the long-term health of your kids.

Launched earlier this month, in partnership with Whole Foods Market, GASP is Chef Ann’s latest project. Its goal is to install a healthy salad bar in to every school across America so that all school kids may have access to fresh fruits and vegetables, whole grains and healthy proteins, every school day. Funds will be raised through Whole Foods Market shopper donations as well as through the website directly. There will be at least 300 salad bars to begin in schools across the country in 2011.

Chef Ann believes that “the number one thing any school can do to improve their school food is to add a healthy salad bar and allow children to make their own choices.” The Lunch Box Project’s nonprofit foundation, F3 foundation, will serve as a granting institution whereby any public school may apply online to be chosen for a salad bar, utensils and training tools. Make sure you visit the; you will be able to apply from Sept. 1, 2010. Good luck to Ann and the team!

About the author: Janey Gourlay is the Campaigns Assistant for Jamie’s Food Revolution