Story by Alexa Proctor

This month we’ve teamed up with Switzerland Tourism to offer one lucky winner a 4 day getaway to explore its delights! So in addition to that we thought it would be interesting to unravel some of the hidden secrets behind this fascinating destination, as being a country where there are four official languages and cultures being German, French, Italian, and Romansh it has one of the most varied cuisines in the world.

Switzerland was for a long time a country of farmers, so their specialties involve potatoes, cheese and also some more exquisite foods such as chocolate. Fondue, Raclette, Rosti are all famous icons of Swiss cuisine but that is not all it has to offer did you know they that they even produce wines!

To the Swiss cheese is the spice of life, a country truly after my own heart I personally believe there is nothing better or more comforting than cheese…I couldn’t believe it when I discovered that the fresh Swiss milk from contented cows on lush meadows produce 450 varieties with each being unique.

And that’s not all the Swiss are not just the creators of milk chocolate they are in a league of their own, each town has its own distinctive chocolate creation, each region its famous confectioners…it’s no surprise that it is regarded as heaven for chocolate lovers and as a fact no other nation eats more chocolate per capita: a total of no less than 12.3kg per year! If you’d like to read more about each region download this brochure or visit otherwise check out some traditional recipes on foodwise there is a personal favourite of mine called steak with apple rosti.

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