Story by Eamon FitzGerald

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What do you know about wine anyway?
I have a bit of previous with it – I spent a season picking grapes on the side of a mountain in the Languedoc which I never want to do again. I also spent two years working in a busy upmarket wine store which I’d also rather not repeat. After three years’ convincing that management consulting in banks wasn’t for me, I emigrated to London and started working for Decanter magazine. Now I’m Wine Development Manager for online retailer Naked Wines. I passed through the hallowed gates of Trinity College Dublin for the last time in 2007 with a degree in Business Studies and French (majoring in Marketing), and I’ve since supplemented that with some Spanish speaking skills and some official wine stuff.

What is your blog about?
If you are looking for a candid assessment of the 2003 vintage of Château Pavie in St. Émilion, I can’t promise that, nor would I know what you were doing here. But if you’re looking to impress your significant other’s dad with a cheeky gift, or wondering what exactly is in that Buckfast tonic wine that you used to (or still) guzzle, or simply looking for something light and informal to learn, My Grape Escape is here for you.

Tell us more about the real Eamon FitzGerald
Here’s five random facts about me then! I was born in a test tube and only de-thawed in 2003 which would explain my ignorance of iconic pop and film culture. My outside interests include Twitter, Leeds United and listening to throwaway Alternative music albums. I strongly dislike golf, coriander and waiting for anyone. As a toddler my party trick was the naming all the contents of the spice rack: my parents would cruelly parade me in front of their guests as I uttered words like ‘Cardamom pods’ and ‘Dill’ I have had run-ins with three concurrent Irish presidents: I’m told Paddy Hillery patted me on the head; I sold Mary Robinson a mixed case of wine (Zenato Amarone and Gavi di Gavi, if you’re wondering); and this year I dropped my spoon on the carpet of the Áras while having tea with Mary McAleese.

Your favourite wine experience?
My favourite ever wine was a 1983 Chave Hermitage for which I paid a substantial amount of cash for a little dribble from a wine dispensing machine. I later tweeted ‘Smoky meaty sweaty leathery bliss’. That is meant to sound good.

Thanks for reading. Do get in touch on Twitter, Facebook or mail me. You can watch me on YouTube, stalk me on Foursquare and connect on LinkedIn. I think that’s enough for now!

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