Every year well-known chefs from the UK restaurant scene give up a day of their time to take part in Jamie’s Fifteen restaurant’s apprentice programme. This year Chefs’ Week has exceeded all expectation with a truly stellar line-up of talent passing their skills on to the next generation. This marks the last few days of training for the apprentices and arms them with a new set of skills to take out into the world of work.

Between 26-31 August, the apprentices will write the menu and run the prep and service of the restaurant while guest chefs including Atul Kochhar (Benares), Jun Tanaka, Jeremy Lee (Quo Vadis), Tom Kerridge (The Hand and Flowers) and Bruno Loubet (Grainstore), offer help, advice and tips of the trade.

Jamie said: “We are always so grateful to these superstar chefs who give up their time to help Fifteen out. I’m still massively proud my team who make sure Fifteen carries on doing its amazing work, it’s still going from strength-to-strength 11 years in.”

By the time Chefs’ Week arrives, the young chefs will have completed the full 12-month Apprentice Programme, which combines on-the-job-based learning (65%), college-based work (8%) and personal development (11%). It’s not just a training course but more of a custom-made programme, tweaked and shaped over the years in order to champion the 18 young people who are recruited annually.

It’s an intensive programme that requires hard graft and dedication throughout, but it’s a transformational journey; 90 per cent of apprentices regard their time with Fifteen as a positive, life-changing experience. This final week lets the young chefs show their friends, family and the public just how far they’ve come and how much they have learnt over the year.


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