food revolution day

This year’s Food Revolution Day was by far our most triumphant yet – in fact, you guys smashed it.

We were overwhelmed by the amount of people who got involved. We broke two world records, saw over 9,000 events in 121 countries and potentially reached over 300 million people via social media alone – that’s about one in every 20 people on earth.

That means this year was nearly 8 times bigger than 2013. Jamie’s always said that change starts with something small, and we’ve gone from a few hundred events run by passionate people to a global movement spreading the word of good food and cooking skills. We reached some many people this year and we can’t thank you enough for getting behind Jamie and the Food Revolution Day team.

From a big thumbs up from Mayor Boris Johnson, to Sydney, Australia hosting the world’s biggest cooking lesson ever, we’re really starting to make a difference.

But it doesn’t stop now Food Revolution Day is over. Keep cooking from scratch and inspiring friends; carry on pushing schools to promote food education; and keep the pressure on governments to make food education mandatory by law.

The sheer amount of people involved tells a story in itself – people see the health crisis that’s already happening all over the world, and they want to change it. To keep you inspired, here are our favourite pictures from the day.

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  • simplebites

    So impressive! Hat’s off to Jamie, the team, and simply everyone involved. I was honoured to participate in my own small way and it was enormous fun to be a part of such an important project.

    • Malcom Arbenfarler

      A great day, mired by the fact that Dexter Fletcher wasn’t there.