Friday nights won’t be the same again, because tonight is the last in this season of Jamie & Jimmy’s Friday Night Feast. Don’t worry though, we’re going out with a bang – with not one, not two, but three special guests.

First, Jamie’s old friend Dexter Fletcher – AKA Baby Face from Bugsy Malone and Soap from Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels  – comes in to cook up his favourite meal, Mexican tacos with salsa. They’re so good Jamie wanted them all to himself, but he was told to “give it to Baby Face”.

Comedian and national treasure Jennifer Saunders also comes to Jimmy and Jamie’s café at the end of Southend Pier, where they cook up a incredible slow-cooked porchetta for Jennifer’s husband Ade Edmonson. Meanwhile, Jimmy tops all his DIY experiments with an amazing Champagne cider. What a way to toast the end of a great series.

If that’s got you bubbling with excitement, take a look at the recipes from last week, when Chris Moyles cooked up a decadent American deep-pan pizza.


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