Story by Paul Dring

The new issue of Jamie Magazine celebrates the vast, varied and exciting food culture of the USA. The cover story is an exclusive look behind the scenes of the filming of Jamie’s American Road Trip. We join Jamie and the team on set in the wilds of Wyoming as Jamie connects with his inner cowboy – and discover the huge effort required from an army of gaffers, PAs, home economists, photographers and so on, that goes into making a successful TV show.

One inevitable result of such a frenetic filming schedule is that there are always more recipes devised than there is TV time to run them in. We remedy that here, as we exclusively publish wonderful recipes that didn’t make the final cut, from Navajo pizza and blackout cake to breakfast beignets and avocado ice cream. “Some people might turn their noses up at using avocado for ice cream,” says Jamie. “But trust me, it’s the sort of thing you try and love for life!”

Mr Oliver aside, the issue reads like a roll call of the great and the good of American food. There are recipes from legendary US chef and restaurant goddess Alice Waters of Chez Panisse, whose daughter Fanny recounts a memorable road trip the pair took across country, cooking and foraging their way across the southwest.

Then there’s Eric Schlosser, author of the bestselling exposé Fast Food Nation. Schlosser’s essay for the magazine is a hard-hitting look at the American food industry, and makes for disturbingly compelling reading. “The way we produce food today, this giant industrial system, is only about 30 years old and look at the damage it has already done,” he writes.

On a lighter note, Morgan Spurlock – director of the hit documentary film Super-Size Me – pens an appraisal of everyone’s favourite gourmand, Homer Simpson. “If Homer has taught me anything,” writes Spurlock, “it’s that one should never miss the opportunity to have a good meal.” Spurlock recounts a few of his own memorable meals, including the time he ate boiled sheep’s head in Iceland. “Mmmmm, sheep’s head.”

And that’s not all. New York chef Adam Perry Lang presents his guide to the Big Apple’s finest burger joints, there are great recipes for American pies from key lime to shoofly, a gourmet guide to Philadelphia, and an A-Z of cocktail recipes featuring 69 classic concoctions. As ever, there’s the super-popular pull-out section, Monthly Menus, which offers a recipe a day, every day, for the next two months.

So pick up a copy of the latest issue of Jamie Magazine and revel in the best of the USA. Issue 6 is on sale on 8 October at Sainsbury’s, Tesco, Waitrose, Asda, Morrison’s and WHSmith shops.

About the author: Paul Dring is the Managing Editor for Jamie Magazine.