We’ve got aristocracy visiting the café in this week’s Jamie & Jimmy’s Friday Night Feast.

In stark contrast to the two Essex boys, Lord Grantham himself is dropping in to cook for the hungry crowds of Southend Pier. Hugh Bonneville, who plays the lord of Downton Abbey, is in the kitchen to cook up his favourite dish, Pad Thai. The only problem is he has no idea how to cook it, having first eaten it at a tiny shack while filming in Thailand.

Never one to shirk on a challenge, Jamie sent bloggers, journalists and locals out in search of the shack and the owner’s perfect stir-fry recipe. And they came up trumps.

hugh bonneville pad thai

While pad Thai pandemonium reigns on the pier, Jamie roasts a show-stopping overnight pork shoulder with crispy crackling, and Jimmy builds his own home smoker to smoke a banging brisket. Both are a lot simpler than they sound and, with a bit of time and love, result in the kinds of food you never knew you were capable of cooking.

Finally, in this week’s food fight, Jamie and Jimmy take on food packaging. Every year around 7.2 million tonnes of food is needlessly thrown away by families in the UK, often simply because people misunderstand the packaging and don’t trust their own instincts. Jamie and Jimmy are out to show you that so much of this food is perfectly edible, and meet up with Sam Joseph and Conor Walsh of the Real Junk Food Project, which founds cafés that only cook with food other restaurants and shops have thrown out. If you want to find out more about food waste, check out Love Food Hate Waste, a charity raising awareness of the issue that helped Jamie and Jimmy out for the show

So tune in tonight at 8pm on Channel 4 for a feast of comfort food and waste fighting.