Mix a cocktail, grab a beer or pop open some wine and park yourself in front on a computer, because today is the launch of Drinks Tube!

drinks tube

Today we go live with Jamie’s second exciting YouTube channel, which is all about delectable drinks, from cocktails and spirits to wine and beer. As the sister channel of Food Tube, Drinks Tube will be everything to drink that Food Tube has been to fresh, fun home-cooking. It’s going to be full of deliciously drinkable recipes and tips, as well giving brilliant new talent a platform.

We’ve got some amazing contributors joining us, from mixologists Simone Caporale and Giuseppe Gallo, to our resident beer bloggers, the Craft Beer boys – as well as all the usual suspects such as Jamie and Gennaro. It’s kicking off with some amazing videos too, including Jamie’s own margarita, buying wine on a budget and an introduction to beer styles.

For a taster, check out the introduction below…

Drinks Tube comes of the back of the amazing success we’ve had with Food Tube, which was launched in January 2013 with big bang… and a very nervous Jamie hosting his first live online event.

Back then it was an experiment brought to life by Jamie’s insistence, but a brilliant team and hundreds upon hundreds of thousands of you have made it the amazing community it is today. At the time of posting this story we were just creeping up on 750,000 subscribers, with millions of views on videos ranging from a sandwich-making contest with Kevin Bacon to Jamie’s mate Pete’s perfect steak.

Here’s to Food Tube and its new sister, Drinks Tube – cheers!

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