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Imagine your perfect set of electric kitchen tools; chances are they’d be simple, effective, attractive and reasonably priced. Well it just so happens that Jamie has teamed up with Philips to create the very range you’ve been waiting for.

This stylish and practical set of accessories will help you create all the recipes you love so much from scratch and with little fuss; in fact, they are Jamie’s perfect tools as well, he used them in the creation of his 15-Minute Meals TV programme.

The range includes a Blender, Hand Blender, Food Processor and Steamer.
Jamie says of his new Philips range: “I set out to design a range that I would be genuinely happy to have and use in my own kitchen. Every tool has a splash of cornflower blue, and is meant to be shown off rather than hidden away in cupboards.
“They are really easy to use and I can’t wait for people to try them, as I truly believe they will help busy families get more fresh food on the table every day. I really feel we’ve struck gold with these new tools.”

Jamie went on to say he wanted to help busy parents, hungry students and aspiring young chefs out there with the range’s simplicity, power and beauty.
If you love the look of these tools, our friends at Philips are giving some away. All you have to do is answer one simple question. Visit Jamie’s Philips tools page to find out more about the range and to win a set for yourself.

Here’s Philips’ summary description of each tool:

Hand Blender
Whizzing up a silky smooth soup, pesto or salsa really couldn’t be easier. Featuring our innovative ProMix blending technology, ultra-sharp titanium coated blade, and new and improved metal bar cage, you can direct all 650W power straight into your pot, pan or roasting tray. Plus, with three simple attachments and turbo speed, this essential bit of kitchen kit will save you time and effort every day.

This must-have kitchen gadget packs a crushing 600W of power, super easy speed control and one-touch pulse. Together with an ultra-sharp titanium coated five-star blade and ProBlend 5 technology, it makes light work of ice and other tough ingredients, so you finish up with perfectly smooth smoothies, soups and batters every time. And with a high quality glass jar and detachable blade unit, you can save on washing up by simply popping them in the dishwasher.

Food Processor
Think fresh salads, dips, gratins, sorbets – the list goes on. Thanks to a powerful 1000W motor, adjustable slicing disc (1-7mm), reversible fine and coarse shredder, plus our new serrated blade for quick frozen desserts, you can blend, whip, slice, grate and chop without picking up a knife or whisk. With the Food Processor in your kitchen, you have everything you need to make almost anything you want.

Rediscover your food’s inner beauty with this innovative steamer. We’ve given it a flavour booster that allows you to add fresh herbs and spices to infuse your food as it steams. So, whilst you have potatoes steaming at the bottom, greens and fish on top, every ingredient is connected by incredible taste and aroma. Plus, the new bain-marie with scorch free vent holes makes perfect desserts while you tuck in to your dinner. What could be easier?

For more information visit the Tools hub www.jamieoliver.com/tools