Jamie will be appearing on Channel 4’s Dispatches tonight (Sept 10) which reveals the latest shocks regarding school dinners.

Dispatches investigation has uncovered evidence that Government strategies to improve the food served in all our schools appear to be failing and Jamie is interviewed fully on his campaign.

The programme reveals that the take-up of school dinners in secondary schools is less than half and that there is massive variations in the money spent on meals.

It also highlights that a number of schools have abandoned hot meals entirely and the sale of certain products in academies which were ‘banned’ when they were state-run schools.

With widespread concern around fast food chains opening outlets near schools, the programme has also found links between one of the largest shareholders of major fast food company Domino’s and Education Secretary Michael Gove.

Dispatches found that pizza company Domino’s, has been persistent in its attempts to open new franchises near schools. The programme found a total of 14 cases, close to 12 schools, in which the pizza company Domino’s appealed to councils after being refused permission to open a new outlet.

Michael Gove is MP for Surrey Heath constituency party. Dispatches found that between November 2005 and December 2011, his constituency party accepted £49,541.25 from millionaire Moonpal Singh Grewal, the largest single shareholder in Domino’s in the UK, and companies owned by him. Mr Grewal is also chair of Michael Gove’s Constituency Party.

Jamie, who has tirelessly campaigned to improve school dinners added: “I think it proves that there’s been too many occasions where such an important role has been represented by someone who is seemingly lack of basic common sense. Because you have to be very careful about who gives you money, because this is sounding very much like America now, where Domino’s actually deliver a very large percentage of the school food service. So their sister company over the pond is making a lot of money out of school kids and they share lots of information – and they know where growth is.”

The School Dinner Scandal airs tonight at 8pm on Channel 4.


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