Jamie was today made an Honorary Fellow of the Royal College of General Practitioners and told them: “This is a very big deal for me.” The College awarded him the fellowship for his work in promoting healthier food and fighting obesity.

Jamie attended the ceremony in the College’s central London headquarters as 100 staff watched on. The college only gives about two fellowships each year to people making significant medical or healthcare differences.

Outgoing RCGP chair Dr Clare Gerada said during the presentation: “This is the highest honour the college can bestow and we are really proud Jamie has accepted this.”

Jamie said: “It’s such a massive honour, this really is a very big deal for me.”

He also spoke of how the school dinners campaign came about: “I remember realising that we were feeding school kids c**p for 190 days a year. But you can’t just go on TV and do a quick one-off campaign, you’ve got to stick at it and keep going. I’m really proud to be British and to receive this award to help spread that love and spread the joy of cooking.”


He spoke of the hard work being done by the Ministry of Food stores and how sharing resources to change attitudes needs to happen more often.

He finished by saying: “My mum is going to be so proud of me.”


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  • Anthy Filianos

    Well done Jamie….congratulations…you deserve this award!!!

  • Sarah Surace

    That’s fantastic Jamie, congratulations; well deserved! 😀

  • Suzanne Knight

    So pleased to hear about this. well done jamie – much deserved! looking forward to the knighthood… im sure that will come soon 🙂

  • Maeve

    I’m very proud of you too Jamie. Love the way you come home & cook for your Family xx <3

  • Margaret Jakins

    Congratulations Jamie. Couldnot manage withot your cookbook.

  • David


  • BiancaD

    A well deserved reflection of your passion and dedication to helping people to eat better. Congratulations Jamie on receicing such wonderful acknowledgement of your contributions. We raise a glass — of tequila 😉 — to your contined success, good health and happiness!