Story by Sarah Stephenson

Loads of happy Jamie's Italian customers proudly wear their Jamie's Italian T shirt on a regular basis. Now we are giving you the opportunity to share your pictures with Jamie on his Moblog.

We’re looking for some photos of people sporting their lovely Jamie's Italian Tees and if you're doing something a little out of the ordinary all the better! Perhaps you’re on holiday in Italy, or you’re in the kitchen throwing together a killer spaghetti bolognaise. You could be hiking Mount Kilimanjaro or an aspiring supermodel or both! Whatever it is (within reason) – we'd love to see when and where you are wearing your shirt.

Send your pictures to with the words 'Jamie's Italian' and a title (up to 5 words) for your pic. We will review your pictures and post the best on a special Jamie's Italian section of the moblog. If you don't have a T shirt but want to join in the fun just whizz into one of the seven Jamie's Italian restaurants and pick one up! They’re £15 and come in all sizes from x small through to x large.

About the author: Sarah Stephenson works in recruitment and communications for Jamie's Italian

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