Jamie and his amazing team have been recognised for their commitment to animal welfare. Jamie’s Food Standards Team won three Compassion in World Farming’s Annual Good Farm Animal Welfare Awards in Paris last night.


The team, who ensure food standards across the various Jamie businesses, won a global Good Egg Award for using cage-free eggs in all Jamie Oliver restaurants and food service outlets like Recipease; a global Good Chicken Award for sourcing only higher welfare chicken; and a Good Pig Award for using only higher welfare pork, bacon and sausages across all of the restaurant and retail businesses including Barbecoa Butchers and Union Jacks restaurants.

Daniel Nowland, Jamie’s Technical Development Manager for the Food Standards Team, who was in Paris to collect the awards, said: “As a group better animal welfare is up there in our top priorities and Jamie has been a huge pioneer and leader in this for a long time now.

“His TV programmes reflect this as he has proven to be an ambassador for higher welfare in pork, chicken and eggs – which just so happen to be the three awards we were picking up last night.”

jamie oliver animal welfare

Daniel added that no ingredient gets passed by the Food Standards Team unless they are absolutely sure it ticks all of the boxes in terms of welfare. He added: “From our sandwiches in Boots to every ingredient in every Jamie restaurant, we make sure the welfare of the animal is as high as possible; we’re not doing this because we are bonkers animal lovers, we are doing it because it is a very important part of the industry we represent and the impact it has on society.”

Daniel concluded: “We’re not the best at shouting about all of the great stuff we do, but it would be good to see all restaurants being more open about the welfare of the food they are serving.”


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