Jamie fully supports freedom food products as an excellent trade up from intensive produced meat products. Jamie’s food team works closely with Freedom Food, visiting farms and understanding all associated animal welfare issues. Freedom Food animals live in enriched environments with lower stocking densities and improved management systems. These animals have better health and lower mortality rates than some Free Range production.

Freedom Food believe in animals being raised free from pain, stress, discomfort, with constant access to food and water. The strict standards are closely monitored across every farm and processing facility that is certified under the scheme. Jamie’s supports Freedom Food, Free Range and organic production and uses all three across the variety of Jamie Oliver businesses.

Freedom Food meat and eggs provide many of the advantages of free range production, but at a lower cost – meaning it is accessible to a wider audience. We believe this is a good thing. Freedom Food chicken and pork has been used in the new Boots range as the most appropriate choice for these products.

For more information on Freedom Food and the welfare requirements they work to, please visit the Freedom Food website.