It’s almost that time of year again to don your apron and affect change through food. That’s right, Food Revolution Day, Jamie’s global day of action, is coming up on May 15, and this year it’s all about getting practical food education on the school curriculum.

The day is a celebration of food education, focused on teaching kids about where their food comes from, how to cook it, and how it affects their bodies.

The global petition for food education

With the fourth annual Food Revolution Day, Jamie is taking his day of action one step further by launching his biggest campaign ever – a global petition to get practical food education on the school curriculum.

On March 29th, Jamie launched the petition with to persuade governments of G20 countries to provide their nations’ children with the basic ‘human right’ of food education at school.

At the petition launch at the Sydney Opera House following his Revolution LIVE event, Jamie said: “I’ve been campaigning in different countries for a while now and we’ve begun to see real change in some countries with cooking lessons in schools, but now I’m taking it global.”

“Obesity is preventable and I believe that by educating our children about food and where it comes from and how to cook it and how to shop, we can turn the tide on the obesity epidemic that affects most of the world in 2015.”

Speaking about his global petition, Jamie said: “This petition is a way to give a voice to everyone who cares about the future health of our children.”

Why a global petition?

According to the World Health Organisation, there are more than 42 million children worldwide under the age of 5 who are either overweight or obese. Worldwide, obesity has more than doubled since 1980, and by 2030, it’s predicted that 41% of the world’s population will be overweight or obese.

However, trials are proving that childhood obesity can be affected by practical food education.  If given the knowledge of where their food comes from, and how it affects their bodies, combined with the practical skills to cook, kids make healthier choices.It is clear that the world’s health is in bad shape. If we want to change these shocking statistics, we have to do something about it now – but it’s the G20 governments we have to convince.  We can do this. We know it works.

There have already been hugely positive steps in the right direction.  In England, The School Food Plan made cooking lessons and food education a compulsory part of the curriculum. In Mexico, all schools promote healthy eating through compulsory nutrition education, thanks to the General Law on Education. In Brazil, the School Health Programme has made food and nutrition education a fundamental part of their basic curriculum. Food education has also been part of the curriculum in Japan since 2005, and Finland has a long history of home economics.

We still have a long way to go. Quality, practical and compulsory food education should be available in every school for every child.

Since launching the petition over 685,000 supporters have signed at Our movement is growing – let’s tell our governments we want them to act now!

Why the G20?

The G20 comprises of 19 countries, plus the European Union, and is where the biggest international debates are had and decisions are made.

Obesity is one of the biggest social burdens created by human beings, alongside smoking, armed violence, war, and terrorism, and costs $2 trillion dollars globally each year. The G20 has a vested interest in addressing this burden and the tools to realise the solutions, making it the ideal focus for this petition.


Jamie’s campaign is also encouraging those who’ve signed the petition to take a ‘SIGN IT” or “SHARE IT’ selfie, in order to show their support for the petition and to share it with their personal communities.

Proud followers across the world have jumped at the challenge and shared their selfies to show their support for food education. You can see just some of the selfies on our homepage at

food revolution day

Celebrating food – School plans for Food Revolution Day

On May 15, schools, workplaces and individuals from all corners of the world will be getting involved, hosting and attending events to celebrate real food and to promote food education.

Alongside the petition, Jamie is celebrating Food Revolution Day 2015 with an online classroom lesson for schools, making the Squash it sandwich – a fun “squashed” veggie salad sandwich developed specifically for schools.

The lesson will be available to stream online from Friday May 15th and will be encouraging schools across the world to get involved in making a simple and healthy recipe to celebrate real food.

Food Revolution

Tell your local school to get involved! Go to to check out the free school resource pack, and watch Jamie’s lesson plan video before the big day.

The Food Revolution Ambassadors

The global Food Revolution ambassador network, consisting of more than 1300 ambassadors across 100 countries, has been busy organising events and activities for Food Revolution Day.

The Food Revolution Voluntary Ambassador program has been running since 2012, and aims to give a platform to those who have been working tirelessly to share their knowledge with the local community and connect like-minded passionate individuals in order to open up opportunities for more people to learn about food education.

Here’s a snapshot of what just a few of our ambassadors have in stall for the day:

Ambassador Terri Salminen in North Holland is bringing the revolution to Hutten, a corporate restaurant catering company, and is also working with Nike, Microsoft and Albert Heijn supermarkets to promote the day.

In Dubai, Prachi Grover is working with the largest and oldest school in the city to get the school kids cooking on May 15. More children will join her in making the Squash it sandwich at Galeries Lafayette’s Gourmet wing and there will be an event for Jamie’s Juniors at Jamie’s Italian Dubai.

In Montevideo, Uruguay, Diego Ruete and the Uruguay team are planning to visit a low-income school, where they are going to cook and plant with 6-year-old kids. There will be 50 students participating in a 2-hour workshop where they will cook Diego’s signature dish, the “flying omelette”, as well as tomato bread and a fruit smoothie.

In Toronto, Canada, ambassador Susan NG is joining forces with Sobeys to hold a large-scale cooking lesson at Northview Heights Secondary School at Bathurst and Finch West making Jamie’s Squash it sandwich.

On Food Revolution Day, over 1,500 students will be preparing Jamie’s Squash It sandwich, and Jamie will be calling in LIVE to the event during his Food Tube show at 3pm GMT.

You can read about some of our ambassador plans for the day on our FRD news page. There’s only 1 month to go until Food Revolution Day is here – make sure you get involved by signing the petition.

To find out more about Food Revolution Day 2015, head to the official website.