Story by Martin Skoda

My name's Martin Skoda, I am 17 years old and I'm from the Czech Republic. At present I study Spanish section at secondary school. My biggest hobby is cooking and everything associated with it. I started to cook when I was 9 thanks to Jamie's show on TV. With gradual steps I am learning more in the kitchen. I know there is a long road ahead of me to become a professional chef, and I am gaining the knowledge and skills. I prefer Mediterranean cuisine, especially Italian and Spanish because I love the simplicity of their food and that from a few ingredients you can make an excellent dish. I know that working in a restaurant is hard work, but cooking at home should be more relaxing and fun. There is still nothing better than making homemade pasta and feeding your friends, enjoying delicious food and feeling good. Food is a part of our lives, so we should enjoy it. 

I love cooking in the kitchen and I also travel for good food, visit great restaurants and food festivals. Last year I started a campaign for better food at my school. I am very aware that young people in my country tend to eat allot of fast food so I decided to do something about this. I have started writing a cookbook – I know it is a bold move and I hope that young people here may also want to take up cooking as a hobby. I am very motivated by the fact that my book could possible help improve the eating habits of people in my country.

I am working intensely on my book and if all goes to plan it will be launched this Spring.The book will have photos and stories on my travels as well as many recipes and advice on food that will be useful for everyone. I have created a website that has more information for you ( I am currently working on creating an English version of the site as well ).

About the author: Martin Skoda is a young cook from the Czech Republic