‘Fire, meat and whisky’ what more could dads ask for on Father’s Day? If, like my old man, yours likes his beef barbecued, his sauces spicy and his views spectacular then look no further than Barbecoa. As a meaty treat my good friend Richard Herd, who also works for Jamie, and I took our dads (Keith and Richard Sr, also old friends) to Jamie and Adam Perry Lang’s Barbecoa. If you haven’t been, Barbecoa is in the New Change development, right next to St Paul’s Cathedral and the best seats in the restaurant give you a full view of this iconic London landmark. The four of us shared snacks for starters – cracking pork crackling, beautiful breads selection, pickled veg and massive green olives together with a top drawer and great value bottle of Puglian red. We relaxed and laughed about old times on the super-fly, red leather benches before we checked out the menu for our protein weapons of choice. Ribs, I wanted ribs; lip-smacking, smoky, succulent short ribs. The two Richards went for the Chateaubriand for sharing and Keith plumped for the T-bone off the specials – well I’ll say from personal experience, he doesn’t get anything like that at home – sorry mum! Richard The steaks were juicy (I couldn’t help nicking some off their plates), tender and that all-important barbecue bite; by the way, all the beef here is dry hung from 5-11 weeks Ribs, served with champ potatoes, were falling off the bone and quite simply were the best I have eaten. Gorgeous. The beautiful puds – including an astonishing Campari and passion fruit sorbet and a gingerbread with mulled wine-poached pears and pumpkin ice-cream – were “phwoared” at and then devoured. good Then came the whiskies. Well to be accurate, the whiskey cocktail, the Blazer. Mixed at the table, the bourbon is cleverly warmed, mixed, thrown about, ignited, spruced up with zest and then poured. It is amazing. Warming, spicy and surprising. The smoke, charcoal, wood and fire are as essential ingredients to Barbecoa as the high quality meat. The primal, alpha male experience of barbecuing makes it the perfect place to take your dads, uncles, brothers, sons, mates”¦.but mums will love it too of course! pork To book a table or for more of the menu go to the Barbecoa site.


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