money saving meals

We’re excited to announce that a new series of Jamie’s Money Saving Meals starts tonight on Channel 4 at 8.30pm.

After his book, Save with Jamie, reached Christmas number one, Jamie decided there were still lots lovely recipes and money-saving tips to share that hadn’t made it into the original series. So this time around expect lots more ideas of how to be efficient with your food – from using leftovers to shopping cleverly – as well as brand new recipes not even in the book. We want you see that saving money on your weekly shop doesn’t mean you have to compromise on flavour. In fact, some of the greatest dishes in the world were born out of necessity, and having to think about your ingredients can mean even tastier dinners.

On that note, tonight Jamie’s cooking up hungover noodles, Piri piri pork belly, lamb biryani and garlic mussels – none of which weigh in at more than £2.30 per portion! Some of the recipes featured in the shows will be on, so keep an eye out.

If that’s got your stomach rumbling, the next book, Jamie’s Comfort Food, comes out at the end of August and will be packed with treats, nostalgic dishes and ultimate recipes, to remind people that as much as keeping us healthy, good food makes us happy too. We’ve got some behind the scenes stuff coming up, so watch this space.


  • tracey

    Jamie whats good for game day ?

  • tracey

    also how can I make healthy dip for crisps?

  • What a brilliant idea. Thanks for always thinking of the communities and people.

  • Patricia Carla Pronatec

    Admirável d+ esse chef espero um dia conhece-lo nas cozinhas da vida.