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To mark Allergy Awareness Week, Jamie and his team have working hard on some delicious new gluten-free and dairy-free recipes, exclusive to the website.

You may not know about Allergy Awareness Week, but then you might not even know you have an allergy. One in three of us suffer from an allergy at some point, and the purpose of the week is to let people know what the symptoms are and ultimately how to manage them.

Far more common than allergies though, are food intolerances. Millions of people suffer from an intolerance, but often don’t realise what is causing their symptoms. Two of the most common are dairy intolerance (usually an aversion to lactose) and gluten intolerance. While the symptoms vary and can be mild, feeling even slightly ill for a long time can be very draining, and these dietary conditions can make cooking and eating a bit of a chore – which it never should be!

So that’s why, to mark Allergy Awareness Week, Jamie and his team have come up with lots of lovely new recipes for all you people with special requirements. We’ve uploaded the first batch of gluten-free, dairy-free and even vegan recipes, and there are lots more to come in the next few weeks.

gluten-free lasagne

We’ve made sure that none of them compromise of flavour whatsoever, so why not celebrate with a cheeky vegan Victoria sponge – dairy-free and gluten-free, and you won’t taste the difference. Or try our gluten-free bread too, perfect for mopping up the juices from our new, utterly incredible gluten-free lasagne.

We’ve got more than 25 more speciality recipes still to come. In fact, in June we’re going to be focusing on speciality diets, providing lots of hints, tips and recipes for those who have to keep an extra-special eye on what they’re eating, so watch out for a decadent vegan chocolate cake, gluten-free quiche and lots more exciting and delicious dishes.


And the specialist diet fun doesn’t stop there either. For months we’ve been working with our lovely bloggers who are coming up with delicious dairy and gluten-free recipes every week. To whet your appetite, check out these gluten-free snacks, perfect for parties with an intolerant guest, or these amazing dairy and gluten-free blueberry muffins. Both are brilliant recipes in their own right, so whatever your dietary needs you should knock them up!

For more details on allergies and Allergy Awareness week, read the website here. Or you can read our speciality diets factsheet here.


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  • Erika Radvilaite

    This is really exciting! Always looking for some good vegan recipes and will definitely try out the sponge!

  • Juliana

    Thank you for the concern about people who suffer allergies! Since I have coeliac disease, I’m really excited about the new GF recipes. Looking forward to make the gluten free pasta dough and the Victoria Sponge! Thank you so much guys!

  • Yasemin J Pınarbaşı

    It’s great that recipes for both food allergies and intolerances are becoming evermore abundant. However, I’m intolerant to both cow’s milk and soya (in addition to wheat, gluten and barley) and many of the “allergy-free” recipes are still off limits for me. I’d love to see some recipes where soya is not used as a substitute for cow’s milk and vice versa!

    • Belén Morales Ferrer

      You always can use nut milk instead, like almond milk, if you’re not allergic to nuts! 🙂

    • Hayley Holland

      Yes I can’t have dairy eggs or soya it’s so limitating sometimes!

  • Emily Gest

    Thrilled you are doing recipes for people with gluten and dairy intolerances. If you really get motivated, will you explore some FODMAP friendly recipes? Would be ever so grateful.