Story by Katy Tapp

We’re proud to introduce a new jobs section on Jamie’s website. On the Join Us page, there are many different types of businesses that form our organisation and we look for everything from Runners to Buyers, from Accountants to Managing Directors of international retail businesses. It's important to us that we have a group of companies that is truly creative, commercially successful and also has a socially-responsible heart that we can all be proud of. A huge part of that is finding people to work with us who share our values and are truly passionate about food and the Jamie Oliver brand.

This month we are featuring one of the companies – Jamie Oliver Limited. Jamie's passion for food is at the heart of everything he and the business does, and Jamie Oliver Ltd is the centre of creativity for all things food. It also provides support at various levels for the rest of the businesses in the group.

The Food Team is responsible for food research, recipe development, testing and food styling; all of which informs the function, aesthetic and experience delivered by our products and services. The Food Team also work closely with the Editorial Team on all forms of publishing – traditional, digital and syndication, as well as with Business Development and PR and Marketing.

Within Jamie Oliver Limited there are also a range of supporting business functions like People and Development, Business Affairs, IT and Systems, Finance, Office Management and Diary Management. Over the last ten years, these teams have supported Jamie in the publication of 10 international best selling cookbooks, the production and distribution of award winning tv series (see Fresh One profile for more info), the launch of one of the highest grossing Apps of 2009 “Jamie's 20 Minute Meals” and his long running relationship with Sainsbury's, not to mention supporting him in his campaigns for Fifteen, School Dinners, Ministry of Food and Food Revolution.

The teams are dedicated, passionate, experts in their own right and ever ready to tackle the new challenges raised by Jamie and the group. This isn't all we do! Read more about some of the other exciting businesses.

We love coming to work each day and we hope that everyone who joins us will feel the same passion and excitement. We hope that you enjoy browsing the site, finding out a bit more about what it’s like to work for us and looking at our exciting new vacancies. Happy job hunting!

About the author: Katy Tapp is the People and Development Co-ordinator for Jamie Oliver Ltd

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