Story by Camilla Cameron

I had great fun visiting the Ministry of Food, Bradford last week with two of our colleagues from West Virginia, Ashley Thompson [left in photo] and Jill Moore [right in photo] seen here with Bradford’s Project Manager, Soraya Overend. Jamie’s new series for ABC, “Jamie’s Food Revolution“, which incorporates elements of Jamie’s Ministry of Food campaign, features the US city of Huntington. Ashley and Jill now have charge of Jamie’s food centre in that city and so were fascinated to visit us to see the Ministry of Food campaign in action here in the UK.

Bradford has got off to a cracking start with Soraya, and her colleague Lisa, already hosting over 10 groups a week with their classes filled with loads of fantastic would-be home cooks.
These include people of all ages and skill levels from school groups to our oldest learner of 86! But, as Jamie says himself, cooking is for everyone including the young mum wanting to learn how cook so she can produce home-cooked meals for her kids, the students learning how to feed themselves on a budget, or folk just wanting to extend their food knowledge and skills and look to try something fun and different.

Why not check out the courses on offer at the Centre for yourself by calling 01274 435279. Or, if you are passing, pop into the Centre at 29 John Street, Bradford.

About the author: Camilla Cameron, Campaigns Manager for Jamie Oliver Ltd

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