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Look no further than our new Jamie Oliver dating section where you can tap into the 6.5 million members from to help you find a partner. Jamie believes that food is a powerful way of bringing people together and so we thought it would be great if we could get single people who loved food, to love each other.

To celebrate the launch we are giving everyone a free trial plus the chance to win dinner for 2 at our own Jamie’s Italian worth £75 if you sign up by the 31 January 2010.

Do take a look at the section as not only will you find profiles of foodie lovers but also great articles on planning your first date, and of course we have sought out some fantastic recipe idea’s for cooking your first meal for that someone special.

As part of the launch we asked our friends at to carry out some research posing the question, “Do women want cooks not looks?” And as it so happens the dinner tables appear to have turned. The survey, showed that over half of women (58 per cent) would rather marry a man who can cook than a man with the looks of a model (just six per cent). The research also suggested that modern men have recognised that they can make themselves more attractive and appealing to women if they can cook, as nearly one in four men (23 per cent) claim to do the majority of the cooking in their relationships.

And as guys have become more confident in the kitchen since the rise in popularity of male celebrity chefs, nearly one in four dinner dates (23 per cent) now take place in the home with many men taking control in the kitchen.

But while the success of many new relationships is now based on a man's performance in the kitchen, the research revealed it's also based on what's kept in his fridge as 64 per cent of women admit that they have sneaked a look into a new date’s fridge to find out more about them.

Just as men with a passion for food are appealing to woman, fussy eaters don’t stand a chance, as 55 per cent of women admit that picky eaters are a real turn off when it comes to love.

So there we have it the latest facts, do you agree with what we’ve discovered? Tell us what you think”¦or even let us know if you’ve tried online dating and been successful or not on our dating forum

And for all those in search love of why not start dating today. Jamie and our team wish you the best of luck in your search.

About the Author: Alexa Proctor works on the Jamie Oliver web team

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