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<p> Fifteen London’s head baker Kenny Rankin will be sharing his knowledge of artisan bakery with the <a href=Real Bread Campaign in a bid to highlight the importance of bakery apprenticeships during National Apprenticeship Week (1-5 February).

Chris Young, project officer for the Big Lottery Fund’s Local Food programme-supported Real Bread Campaign, will be learning about the art of baking high quality bread, learning the same knowledge and developing the same skills as the Fifteen trainees.

As part of Fifteen’s twelve month chef apprenticeship scheme, each apprentice learns basic bread making as part of the NVQ 2 qualifications they take at Lewisham College. This knowledge is enhanced in the Fifteen kitchens when apprentices can opt to spend three weeks building their experience and knowledge with Kenny. The group of apprentices start working with Kenny on February 8th.

Kenny says: “Fifteen is great because everything is cooked with integrity – you can always trace where the ingredients are from and that’s important to me. Also there’s so much you can do with the apprentices. You can teach them the basics but there’s also the Swiss and French style bakery that’s invaluable learning. Baking is such a dying art and is one of the oldest and most important skills we can teach the apprentices.”

As well as the traditional Italian-style breads of ciabatta and focaccia that are freshly baked and served to Fifteen customers every day, the bakery also produces a range of unusual breads such as Zopf, a Swiss-style knotted bread. In the future Fifteen hopes to expand its bakery to offer even more varieties of bread and pastries as well as broadening its training.

About the author: Ange Morris is the Marketing Manager for Fifteen.

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