Story by The DeLuca Family

Since Jamie's Food Revolution aired in the States there has been an outpouring off support from people from across the country with many people are starting their own revolution. Here is a special story about Nicolas DeLuca a third grade student who has made a significant positive impact on his school food system.

“Our family loved watching Jamie Oliver's Food Revolution!! The show actually inspired our 9-year-old, 3rd grader. Nicolas was given an assignment in school to identify a system of which he is a part, identify something wrong with that system, and a way to correct it. He chose the food system within the school. He recognized that despite meeting the USDA standard, being served oven fried chicken, french fries, corn, garlic roll, fresh fruit and milk isn't really healthy.

As per the Food Revolution website, Nicolas gave me, his mother, fantastic ideas; we wrote a letter to the principal of Copper Hill Elementary School in Ringoes, NJ and cc'd the superintendent attaching supporting documentation from the website. At school, he started a petition getting signatures from the other students and teachers. The next thing we knew, Nicolas came home telling us he had a meeting with the principal and the superintendent! (We found it a bit surprising that time was taken for Nicolas since the school, like most in NJ, is still trying to resolve its budget crisis.) Shortly after that meeting, the Director of Food Services sent a letter home stating that she wanted to meet with Nicolas. Again, we printed out supporting documentation from the website which Nicolas presented when he met with her. The result of that meeting is that all the elementary schools in the Flemington-Raritan School District will get to experience one week of the Food Revolution menu in June!

Nicolas hasn't finished yet. He told me that he's working on a survey to check which meals the kids like the best, which ones they will want to have again and any suggestions the kids may have. AND, we're hoping for bigger changes during the next school year!

We are very proud of Nicolas and amazed at how easy it was to get this food revolution started. Spend the time with your kids going over the website. Encourage them to make a difference in their own school(s). We've tried some of the recipes at home….they are good! Let's get our kids and our families healthy. As parents, we'd die for our children! Make the choice to live for them!!”


The DeLuca Family

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