Story by Neil Cassley

“Jamie Oliver by Young’s” launches with 12 new delicious fish favourites

Wednesday 17th August 2011, London – For the first time, Jamie Oliver is launching his own frozen fish range with Young’s Seafood Limited, to champion high quality, sustainable alternatives to species like cod and haddock. The Jamie Oliver by Young’s range – featuring MSC-certified pollock fish fingers and crispy salmon & pollock fishcakes – will be made in Grimsby and goes on sale nationwide next month.

Jamie Oliver says, “Fish is delicious and good for you but, as most of us know, we need to be careful about over-fishing. What I’ve done with my range by Young’s is focused on delicious, convenient favourites like fish cakes and fish fingers but I’ve made sure that we’re using sustainable fish so the mums and dads can buy a great product with no nasties.”

Jamie adds, “There might be people saying ‘why has Jamie gone into frozen?’ My fish with Young’s is frozen within a matter of hours of being caught – at its best – locking in all that fantastic flavour, no mucking about and as usual, I’ve been all over the recipes making sure we’re using chunks of fish and not minced fish. It’s about making simple, delicious food accessible and affordable without compromising on the environment.”

Natasha Gladman, Marketing Director at Young’s Seafood Limited, says, “Young’s has been producing seafood for more than 200 years, and we’ve long been committed to sustainable fishing as the industry leader. It was a natural meeting of minds working with Jamie on his range, and we’re delighted with the results. We’ve really been driven by our shared passion for fish stocks for the future and improving the nation’s diet.”

Jamie introduces the sustainable fish used in Jamie Oliver by Young’s

Wild MSC Alaska pollock
Full of flavour, this delicious white fish has a beautiful flaky texture which works really well in our range of products. Alaska pollock is a member of the cod family. It has only recently started to gain popularity as an alternative species to cod or haddock.

Wild MSC Alaska salmon
This is a beautiful pink salmon that has the perfect texture and flavour for our range of products. The salmon is full of vitamins and minerals, thanks to its diet and environment. All these health benefits are retained when the fish is frozen.

Our pollock and salmon are all Marine Stewardship Council-certified, which means the fisheries where they came from use sustainable fishing methods, while minimising their impact on the environment.

Scottish-landed North Sea whiting
Our smoked whiting is caught off the Scottish coast. The fish is smoked in Scotland using smoke from beech wood chips and a little bit of salt, which gives it its beautifully delicate smoky flavour and natural colour. Whiting, considered an under-utilised species, is a soft delicate white fish with a flaky texture that works beautifully in our fishcakes. The fish is responsibly sourced in line with Young’s Fish for Life programme from a fishery that adheres to Young’s ’10 Principles for Responsible Fish Procurement’.

Jamie Oliver by Young’s – Full Product List

· 2 crispy salmon & pollock fishcakes with a hint of basil & Parmigiano Reggiano cheese
· 2 crispy pollock fishcakes with oozy Cheddar cheese & juicy sweetcorn
· 2 crispy pollock fishcakes with a sprinkling of chives & a dash of cream
· 2 crispy smoked whiting & pollock fishcakes with oozy Cheddar cheese & spinach
· 2 crispy salmon fishcakes with zesty lemon, fresh parsley & a little kick of chilli
· 4 mini crispy pollock fishcakes with oozy Cheddar cheese & juicy sweetcorn
· 4 mini pollock fishcakes with crunchy parsley breadcrumbs
· 4 mini salmon & pollock fishcakes with a splash of lemon & a hint of parsley
· Pollock fish pie with chunks of wild Alaska pollock fillet& juicy peas in a creamy cheese sauce, topped with my carrot & potato mash
· Salmon fish pie with chunks of wild Alaska salmon fillet and broccoli in a creamy cheese sauce, topped with my smooth potato mash
· Salmon & pollock fish pie with chunks of wild Alaska salmon &pollock, juicy sweetcorn and tasty spinach in a creamy cheese sauce, topped with my sweetcorn & potato mash
· Fish fingers made with 100% Alaska pollock fillet, wrapped in my naturally golden crumb


Available nationwide from September 2011 in Asda, Co-op, Morrisons, Ocado, Sainsbury’s, Tesco and Waitrose.

About Young’s Seafood Limited
Young’s Seafood Limited is the UK’s leading supplier of frozen and chilled, own-label and branded fish and seafood to customers and consumers. Young’s Seafood Limited is a major supplier to all UK chilled retailers and is home to Young’s, the UK's leading frozen fish brand, and Findus. Young’s Seafood Limited is part of European parent company Findus Group. For over 200 years, Young's has been making great seafood. Building on this heritage, Young's today is a world class modern fish company, combining experience with fish sourcing skills, technical ability, an award-winning sustainability approach and above all our love of great tasting fish. Young's Seafood Limited has a practical and positive programme on responsible fish procurement 'Fish for Life', including its 10 Principles of Responsible Fish Procurement, which governs all fish sourced, whether wild-caught or farmed.

About Young’s Seafood Limited’s Fish for Life Programme
Fish for Life was formally launched in 2006 by Young’s Seafood in the UK and has now been adopted across the Findus Group. It is widely recognised as one of the leading business improvement programmes of its type and has won a number of awards, including in 2010 the 'Land, Water and Ecology prize of the Green Business Awards and the Management category of the European Business Commitment to the Environment Awards. Fish for Life is in essence a guarantee to consumers that all the fish (wild and farmed) we supply in the Young’s and Findus retail brands has been sourced according to rigorous audit and Young’s Seafood Limited’s ‘Ten Principles for Responsible Fish Procurement.’

Although Fish for Life already delivers responsibly sourced seafood, Young’s Seafood Limited believes it is important to support the Marine Stewardship Council as part of the broader goals and aspirations of Fish for Life. Also the MSC and its logo have so far achieved the best international visibility in terms of marketing sustainably sourced seafood to consumers. Although we are open to the possibility that new independent certification schemes may be developed, we accept the MSC as the current international “gold standard” for certifying the sustainability of wild fisheries. The MSC assessment process measures fisheries against three key principles

1. The sustainability of the stock being exploited (fished)
2. Maintenance of the marine ecosystem
3. The application of an effective fisheries management system.

Young’s Seafood Limited is the UK’s largest supplier of fish and seafood to retailers and consumers. The company buys 88,000 tonnes of seafood every year.

About the author: Neil Cassley is an Account Manager for JCPR