Story by Susan Tomlinson

Morocco: it’s a place of crazy contrasts.
Dusty doors belie palatial architecture; forgotten alleyways next to wild squares where snake charmers, monkey trainers and fortune tellers fret and strut; no booze but plenty of the strong black sticky stuff.
And then there’s the food. From the sweet mixed with the savoury to sprinklings of cinnamon, mint, lemon and rose. After ten days of feasting here, our tastebuds found the return to English food almost a let down. But here’s our pick of the favourites and over the coming weeks we’ll be letting you in on all our foodie finds.

“¢ The best bread is made fresh on street stalls – buy first thing in the morning when it’s warm from the oven.
“¢ Honey pastries or Kab El Ghzal as they’re known in Morocco, are great for an after dinner treat but even more perfect with a morning thick black coffee.
“¢ Talking of hot drinks – the ubiquitous tea a la menthe might seem a little too sweet at first but watch your palette change!
“¢ The fish market in Essaouria is well worth a visit. You can buy a couple of fish, like these sardines – they’ll gut them and send you on your way down to the wharf where you can find someone to barbecue you a feast.
“¢ Tagines are everywhere and some are better than others. The best we found was a more unusual spicy fish in Agadir.

Photo: Thanks to Susan Tomlinson

About the authors: Susan Tomlinson and Liz Scarff run the website – Debate your Plate.

Susan and Liz have very kindly agreed to share some of their food stories with everyone here on the website. Watch out for further stories in the News Section.

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